Data Center Management


When a network collapses, productivity and profits also fall, generating a serious impact on a company’s bottom line. Anewtech’s data center management solutions enable immediate response in critical situations, provide connectivity when the primary network is down and eliminate costly travel to remote sites.


Digi Passport is an ideal console management server to update data center infrastructure. Digi Passport combines serial-based console management with remote administration of servers and network devices using network-based protocols like IPMI, iLO and ALOM. It also provides reliable graphical access to servers on the network via the same interface.

Digi Passport increases the security of communication to network servers by authenticating user access and automatically generating auditable port logs. Capable of communicating with virtually any server or device, Digi Passport is ideal for cross-platform equipment support.



Update infrastructure across multiple data centers to provide secure, efficient, cost-effective access to servers and other infrastructure devices.

Key Products:

Digi Passport – Secure, reliable in- and out-of-band console management