EBU Timecode Module

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OverviewModule ConnectionsTimecode FormatsInput level (Video Signal)Output Level
  • For use with Time & Frequency Solutions’ M210 and M211 Modular Time and Frequency Systems. Developed for applications within the Broadcast Industry requiring synchronised time, the EBU Timecode Module provides 2 simultaneous outputs in standard EBU (European Broadcast Union) format.
  • Two outputs are provided. Each Timecode output is via a 50Ω BNC Socket. One input is provided for a standard video signal via a 75Ω

    BNC Socket.

  • EBU
  • Timecodes are selectable by the front panel keyboard of the Timing System. The selection is stored in non-volatile memory. For details of other available timecodes, please consult the Sales Office.
  • A standard video signal input is provided for genlocking the time code output. The video input level is 0.5V to 2V peak to peak.
  • The Timecode outputs are provided at a level of 2V peak to peak each into a 50Ω load.