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  • To ensure the safety and security of kiosk terminals, you will need to employ kiosk software that guarantees the operation and protection of your systems 24/7. SiteKiosk software offers the following critical security features:
    • Monitors and protects the operating system against manipulation by computer vandalism and hacking
    • Secures system drives, folders and files from unauthorized access
    • Protects the terminal against most viruses, trojans, and destructive scripts
    • Allows access to programs and applications specifically authorized by the administrator
    • Deactivates undesired function keys and system critical key combinations
    • Restrict or prohibit the downloading of files from the Internet
    • Allows administrators to define which domains/URLs the user is allowed to access and restrict undesirable websites
    • Automatically processes program restarts in the event of software error
    • Deletes user data at the end of each session
    • Logs out automatically after extended periods of inactivity
    • Closes any open windows and programs at the end of each session
    • Automatically updates software
    • Schedules date and times of system restarts and shutdowns
    • Logging and saving all user interaction
    • Virtual keyboard
  • SiteKiosk also has a wide range of additional functions which will allow you to customize this kiosk application to suit your individual needs and requirements. All you have to do is decided what content you want to display and leave the rest to the SiteKiosk software.
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