M210 Modular Time & Frequency System

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OverviewM210 Modular Time & Frequency System synchronisation optionsM210 Modular Time & Frequency System frequency standard (oscillator) options (in order of accuracy)
  • The M210 Modular Time & Frequency System from Time & Frequency Solutions is a highly flexible timing system designed for use in any applications where reliable time information is required. The M210 Modular Time & Frequency System allows you to build your own system – select from a wide range of options to fill the 3 module slots.
    • 3-slot module output capacity
    • Choice of clock synchronisation options
    • Choice of master clock accuracy
    • Large range of output options
    • 1 U high standard 19″ rack mount
    • 5 segment front panel button for equipment configuration and control
    • Large alphanumeric display of time, date and status
    • Equipment configuration stored in non-volatile memory
    • Network Rail certified
  • Satellite (GPS)
  • Terrestrial Low Frequency (MSF, DCF77, WWVB, etc)
  • Timecode (IRIG, AFNOR, etc)
  • Ethernet (Network Time Protocol [NTP])
  • Serial Data (RS232, RS422)
  • Standard crystal
  • Oven controlled crystal
  • Commercial grade Rubidium
  • Industrial grade Rubidium
  • Industrial grade Caesium
  • Military grade Caesium