Application 1: Mini KIOSK PC with 1D/2D barcode scanner, MIFARE and Magnetic card reader
I-IMK-571R is a 5.7″ mini KIOSK Panel PC allows customer to check price, obtain product related information, or as a advertising channel. Customer can also access their member card details via MIFARE card reader to see their accumulated credit and reward programs. The Magnetic card reader enables e-payment or self check out at supermartket.

Application 2: Panel PC with 1D/2D barcode scanner as price checker

I-AFL2D-12A-N270 – 12.1” 1D/2D Barcode Scanner AFOLUX Panel PC can be installed on any retail application with multiple features. KIOSK, digital signage and price checker are common features for retail environment. I-AFL2D-12A-N270 allows customers access to item information instantly and enhance the overall shoppping experience. It’s convenience and easy deployment with VESA mount.

Application 3: Panel PC installed at shopping cart

I-AFL-07A-N270 – 7″ Fanless Widescreen WVGA Touch Panel PC Intel® AtomTM N270 1.6G Processor is widely used as information terminal or an advertisement display screen in supermarket

Application 4: Handheld Terminal

I-MODAT-100 is an all-in-one mobile solution that integrated standard Point-of-Service (POS) functions, such as smart card reader, magnetic stripe card and thermal printer. Equipped with 1D laser Barcode and 3M pixels camera, I-MODAT-100 able to capture image and transmit data via built-in bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3.5G/HSDPA wireless communication module. I-MODAT-100 offers mobility and flexibility that promise to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.