SDH (E1 /T1) Module

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  • For use with Time & Frequency Solutions’ M210 and M211 Modular Time and Frequency Systems. The SDH (E1/T1) Interface Module provides capability for the transmission and reception of time data across either an E1 Megastream link at 2.048MHz or across a T1 Megastream link at 1.544MHz. The interfaces provided on this module conform to CCITT Recommendation G.703.
  • The SDH (E1/T1) Interface Module allows drop and insert multiplexing and de-multiplexing for four 64 kbit channels. The four channels can be independently configured for either transmit or receive and they can also be configured to any one of the available user channels.
  • This module is ideally suited for use in the integration of Timing Systems into either a new or existing telecommunication network. Through the use of this module, time data can be readily transferred using the new or existing network structure thereby minimising integration costs.
  • The SDH (E1/T1) Interface Module is available as an option on the following products
    • M210 Time & Frequency System
    • M211 Time & Frequency System
  • Should you have a special interface requirement please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.