Standard Frequency Output Module

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OverviewTelecoms Applications
  • For use with Time & Frequency Solutions’ M210 and M211 Modular Time and Frequency Systems. The Standard Frequency Output Module is a useful general-purpose sine-wave reference frequency generator module, particularly relevant to Primary Reference Clock generation for Telecommunications applications.
    • Four outputs (2 pairs)
    • Useful in Telecoms applications
    • Available frequencies: 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 2.048MHz (E1), 1.544MHz (T1) dependent upon oscillator choice
    • Use with Option 22 Disciplined Oscillator Module
    • Suitable where high stability traceable external frequency source required
  • The module provides four outputs that can be factory selected as 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 2.048MHz (E1), or 1.544MHz (T1). The four outputs are grouped as two pairs, with each pair of outputs being selectable from the frequencies described.
  • This module is used in conjunction with the Disciplined Oscillator module (option 22), which includes a precision oscillator. The on-board oscillator is disciplined by the synchronising input thus ensuring that the oscillator is automatically calibrated and a precise frequency is available. During periods where the synchronising input signal is unavailable or deemed to be unsuitable, the performance of the module reverts to the oscillator specification.
  • The Standard Frequency Output Module is ideally suited for use in applications where a high stability traceable frequency source is required. Furthermore, the automatic re-calibration of this module from the received time broadcast carrier eliminates the need for regular re-calibration of the frequency source by field engineers with transfer standards.
  • The module is suitable for two main types of Telecom application; Primary Reference Clock (defined by G.811) and Synchronization supply unit (defined by G.812). It meets the original CCITT Recommendation G703 section 10 (now section 13).
  • The Standard Frequency Output Module is available as an option on the following products.
    • M210 Time System
    • M211 Timing System
  • Should you have a special oscillator requirement please contact us to discuss your application in more detail.