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  • Network Consultancy
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  • Internet Leased Line Solutions
  • Fixed Wireless Broadband Solutions
  • Project Management
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Product Line & Solutions

MBPJ – CCTV Wireless Link SetupFELDA – Building Wireless Link Setup

NetEon – Repeatit Mission Statement

Repeatit expands network connectivity by creating high quality wireless networking products intertwined with our unique, performance enhancing software and cloud ecosystem that greatly increases wireless performance and management capabilities.

Quality and “Made in Sweden”


logo2Swedish design and engineering is at the heart of every Repeatit product. Designed and built in Sweden, Repeatit products have a MTBF (meantime before failure) of more than 60 years and can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. Advancing the standard traditional wireless point to point and multipoint quality, Repeatit has IP67 and option IP68 rated, offshore ready and lightening resistant products.

Core Values



We create incredible technologies pushing wireless further



Our products are built with quality to withstand time



We build sustainable relationships and sustainable products



Good business requires a flexible, responsive company


Environment Matters to Us

  • Green technology by having the lowest power consumption in class (6 Watt in average)
  • 95% recyclable materials
  • Special focus on reducing unnecessary pollution in Supply Chain

We secure our customers Investment

Repeatit doesn’t charge for Software Upgrades. When a partners purchases a Repeatit product, they will get all feature and bandwidth in the future free of charge until the end of the lifetime of that platform.

Repeatit focuses on software, such as AirTime & PacketHeal which boost radio performance so by giving customers the latest software upgrades, they can get the most out of Repeatit.

Repeatit Product Ranges


  • Point to Point & Point to Few
  • Designed for high performance networks including CCTV, ISPs & business connectivity
  • Leading technologies such as AirTime, PacketHeal & SyncMaster
  • Cloud Management EcoSystem & RCS
  • Best price vs. performance
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  • Point to Multipoint
  • Designed for large networks including underserved connectivity
  • Next generation management with RCS
  • Comprehensive product range of base stations & subscriber units
  • est price vs. performance
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OverviewTechnologiesSwedenGermanyUnited KingdomNorway
Repeatit Trinity is a family of high performance hybrid-wireless point to point (PtP) and point to multipoint (PtMP) united with a unique cloud ecosystem.


The Repeatit Trinity technologies enhances PTP & PMP performance beyond traditional limits


AirTime by Repeatit makes wireless transmission more efficient enhancing both PTP & PMP performance beyond traditional limits, especially in high density & long distance environments. Through a unique algorithm, Repeatit’s AirTime is able to command wireless radios exactly when to transmit and when to receive – reducing noise, which greatly increases link efficiency and performance.


Repeatit’s PacketHeal technology instantly heals lost & corrupted packets, eliminating transmit and receive errors for all applications including HD video streaming, voice, multi-data and more. By allowing a safety period buffer delay of a few milliseconds, PacketHeal is able to detect and respond to lost packets, without any traffic delay. PacketHeal uses a 3 step process; lost packet detection, retransmission & reordering which takes place in milliseconds.


SyncMaster by Repeatit reduces interference & increases network performance by organizing multiple collocated Trinity PTP/PMP units and allowing a smart reuse of the spectrum. SyncMaster reduces self interference and protects against outside interference. Using an integrated time clock, SyncMaster co-ordinates multiple units with exact send & receive slots creating a highly efficient network. SyncMaster also has a built in GPS antenna which can communicate to other SyncMaster units installed on nearby masts also with collocated Trinity units.

Sweden: Highest Spectrum Efficiency in Class

About Bahnhof

  • Swedish ISP founded in 1994 by Oscar Swarz
  • Covering more than 10.000 Business and Private customers in dense city centres

The Requirement

  • Wireless extension of the core network within dense city environments
  • Service offerings of 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 Mbps connections
  • High level of packets per second and low level of latency to support critical VoIP traffic
  • Highest level of spectrum efficiency to build a dense, reliable network in a city environment

The Solution

  • Over 500 Repeatit Trinity 318 and 323 links + over 700 Infinity Base Stations and SUs
  • Use the SynchMaster to re-use the same channels over again and to use the limited available spectrum in 5 GHz in the most efficient way

Germany: Hybrid Roll-Outs for Rural Broadband

About Sewikom

  • German ISP focusing on Rural Broadband founded in 2007 by Kai-Timo Wilke
  • Covering an area of more 200.000 rural broadband customers in North and West Germany

The Requirement

  • Rural Broadband connectivity in underserved areas with up to 100 Mbps per household
  • Last Mile is mainly done by grid through Sewikom’s DSLAM infrastructure
  • DSLAMs need to be connected through high-speed wireless links with the fiber ring
  • All Wireless Links have to be on the same platform to reduce staff training roll-out time

The Solution

  • Over 400 Repeatit Trinity 316s, 318 and 323 links in 5 GHz and 3 GHz
  • Use the AirTime technology for highly reliable backhaul over link distances of up to 30km
  • Use Repeatit’s PacketHeal to ensure a high-quality network to provide the best online-gaming, Video-on-Demand, VoIP and surf experience to Sewikom’s customers

UK: High Speed CCTV and Traffic Management

About Bradford

  • Fourth most populous metropolitan district and sixth most populous local authority in England (Population of 523,100)
  • 5,800 listed buildings and 59 conservation zone

The Requirement

  • High speed wireless backhaul to support traffic management, CCTV, ANPR Cameras & Bus Lane Enforcement
  • Small, low profile & ruggedized form factor
  • Low latency and able to support multidata / mission critical applications with high availability
  • Flexible management platform and commercial viability

The Solution

  • Over 300 Repeatit Trinity 316s, 318 and 323 links
  • Use of both the Repeatit Cloud Ecosystem for Net View Systems and RCS management for the council to have full control over the network

Norway: Highest robustness for Offshore

About Nordlaks

  • Founded in 1989 and owning one of the biggest offshore fish farms in Norway
  • Producing, processing and selling Atlantic Salmon on a worldwide scale

The Requirement

  • Connect the onshore control station with over- and underwater Cameras on each platform to monitor & control the fish food supply in each fishnet
  • Stable long-distance connections over water even during harsh weather conditions
  • Robust hardware to ensure long life-time & as little costly outages as possible

The Solution

  • 50 x Trinity 323 and 300 links in the Offshore version
  • Water & Dust sealed by IP68 rating
  • TBA



Repeatit Infinity enables ISPs, carriers, businesses and under-served regions to extend network connectivity with a highly scalable Point to Multipoint platform supported by next generation management.

The NetEon – Repeatit Business Case


We believe that the best product will not sell, if there is no business case, trust and long-term thinking behind it.

The NetEon-Repeatit Positioning

  • Many customers are not willing anymore to pay thousands of dollar for a 3 or 5 GHz link
  • Ultra Low-Cost is in many cases not meeting the quality & feature requirements
  • Repeatit is using the same components like other High Tier vendors

Our key for success:

Repeatit’s patented technologies combined with a lean & efficient company organization