CoreAnalyzer2 is an exclusive, analytic data-behavior technology implemented on our SSD products. Featuring collecting and analyzing data of customers’ host system, it can help our customers analyze their usage behavior so they can choose the best-suited.

With embedded applications ranging from industrial, gaming, military, medical, transportation and more, user scenarios on industry platforms vary a lot. Depending on applications and platforms, system’s behavior, such as sequential/random reads/writes, read/write distribution, workload, data size, and data alignment, has different data patterns that can be reflected in Program/Erase cycles.

As the finite number of Program/Erase cycles is the limitation of NAND flash memory, the aforementioned data access behavior becomes an influential factor in the performance and lifespan of SSDs. In addition, possible extreme write behaviors on SSDs and lack of analytic methods can lead to poorer performance and decreased lifespan. To solve these issues, CoreAnalyzer is implemented on Apacer SSDs to help our customers analyze their software behavior so they can select the SSD product best suited for their system’s lifespan.