Smart Lighting Controller Series

Model/Series Description  
Smart Lighting Controller LoRa Slave Series ORing Lighting Controller LoRa Slave, 920MHz, NEMA Receptacle, DALI, OLS-L01ND
Smart Lighting Controller NBIoT Series Lighting, NEMA, NB-IOT, 0~10V Dimming control, P sensor, G Sensor
Smart Lighting Controller ZigBee Slave Series ORing Lighting Controller ZigBee Slave, 2.4GHz, NEMA Receptacle, DALI, OLS-Z01ND  

IIOT Gateway

Model/Series Description  
IMG-4312-MN Industrial IEEE 802.11 b/g/n with 2×10/100Base-T(X) 1x RS-232/422/485 IoT LTE LPWAN Gateway

IIOT IO-Gateway

Model/Series Description  
ORIO-G30218 Remote IO, NB-IoT, RS 485 / RS232 / 4DI / 4DO

IIOT Module

Model/Series Description  
MoNi-N0M0 Mini Module Cellular Smart Controller, NB-IoT  
ORFMMT7620 High Performance WiFi Module with board connection DIP type. 2T2R 2.4 GHz with 300 Mbps PHY data rate. Chipset: MT7620.
ORMS76S High Performance LoRa Module. Board connection DIP type, 20pin. Chipset: STM32L073xZ and SX1276.
OZM High power Zigbee Module . Output Power up to +21dBm. Board connection with DIP type, 20pin. Chipset:.CC2630+CC2592

IIOT Starter kit

Model/Series Description  
Street Lighting Street Lighting, NBIoT / LoRa (Option)  
IIOT IO-Gateway(ORIO) ORIO + Temp/ RH sensor NBIoT  
IIOT Gateway(IMG-6322-MN) IMG-6322-MN + Temp/ RH sensor 4G or Ethernet  
C.IIOT Gateway(IMG-4312-MN) IMG-4312-MN + Temp/ RH sensor 4G or Ethernet  
Plant Factory Temp Sensor, Humidity Sensor, CO2 Sensor , PH Sensor, EC Sensor, Heater, Humidifier, NBIoT or 4G or Etherne